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Our wet ozone washing machines give you several advantages over standard laundry practices. Ozone washing increases textile life, reduces natural gas and energy costs, faster fill rates, shorter wash cycles and even shorter drying times. Whiter, softer, sanitized, fresh smelling and longer lasting linens and clothes results in huge savings! Ozone Laundry System Independent Energy Consultant Reports

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About Us

We have the technology. We have the experience. We have the system.
Here’s what you’ll get from us:

OUR SYSTEM: Designed by engineers and ozone experts with one thought in mind: To deliver an ozone system that will maximize ozone output and allow for the highest level of quality available without sacrificing safety-period.

OUR TEAM: OLS staff has over 40 years of laundry experience, 35 years in Hotel/Motel industry, 25 Years In the textile/chemical industry, & with over 20 years of ozone knowledge. We have the proof period.


OUR GUARANTEE: You the customer, if after using our system you believe that the benefits as outlined cannot and will not be achieved, we will refund every penny you paid-Period. safety-period.

OUR COMMITMENT: To provide you, the customer, the most efficient, affordable and trouble-free ozone washing system available anywhere on the market-period.

Ozone Technology really is the wave of the future. It simply makes sense. With the cost of energy and water continuing to rise with no ceiling in site, how can anyone not look at alternate methods of heating and using water?

I think we also owe it to Mother Earth. Don’t You?


Reports - Independant Energy Consultant Reports for Ozone Laundry Systems.
- Marriott Desert Springs Calculations and Summery Report.
-North Mississippi Medical Center Results.
-CTT Group Textile Division

-Caesar Entertainment Results and Energy Cost Savings.

-North Mississippi Medical Final Report and Performance Results.


  • Client List
    View Ozone Laundry Systems Client List and Customers:
    HCA Nursing Homes
    Shawnee Mission School
    Lewis County Manor
    Pleasantview Nursing Home
    West Virginia Prison
    National Healthcare
    Sawtooth Dairy Laundry
    Advantage Linen
    Silverado Senior Living



Read Client Testimonials from Ozone Laundry Systems:
It has now been nearly 10 weeks since we began using your ozone system in our tunnel washer. The results and savings we are experiencing can really be summed up in one word, 'awesome.'
Since installing your system, I have turned off steam to our tunnel system for sheets and terry items and the quality has gone up.