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Our wet ozone washing machines give you several advantages over standard laundry practices. Ozone washing increases textile life, reduces natural gas and energy costs, faster fill rates, shorter wash cycles and even shorter drying times. Whiter, softer, sanitized, fresh smelling and longer lasting linens and clothes results in huge savings!

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Ozone Laundry Systems Customer Testimonials

HRAloha Bob,

It has now been nearly 10 weeks since we began using your ozone system in our tunnel washer. The results and savings we are experiencing can really be summed up in one word, 'awesome.'

Since installing your system, I have turned off steam to our tunnel system for sheets and terry items and the quality has gone up.

The savings is incredible! Not only do I save on energy costs, but by turning off the steam I am saving on boiler chemicals to help pay for the system. Thank you for presenting your system to me. The quality of the finished product gives me an advantage in gaining new customers. I would recommend this system to anyone who wants to impact the bottom line. We are using faster times in our tunnel system. One thing we are strongly looking forward to is the savings in linen life.
Once again, thanks for your help.

D. Peterson
Hawaiian Linen Supply
August 24, 2001

HR Dear Bob:

I have completed my own savings analysis of the reduction in energy use since the installation of the Ozone system on my Senking Tunnel in June of this year. I must say the savings I am experiencing are greater than those proposed. I was a bit skeptical of your savings proposal due to the fact that I had been using a heat reclamation system and felt that adding ozone would give me only a marginal return at best.

I was wrong. I have documented savings of $200.00 per day in fuel usage. Additionally, my dryer times have been shortened, overall production increased, and the quality of the finished product uncompromised.

Thank you for bringing ozone to my attention. I am convinced that your system is the ONLY system that could work in a tunnel application. Furthermore, due to the overall knowledge of your staff ... I am further convinced that your company is the ONLY company that could make it work.

I look forward to installing another system when my expansion plans call for the addition of another tunnel.

Keaka Robinson
Hawaiian Linen Supply – Hilo
August 6, 2001


CHATEAU ELAN - Since June 2001
Braselton, GA

"…Chateau Elan saves over 700,000 gallons of water/sewer annually. We also eliminated the need to heat over 2,000,000 gallons of water. These two utilities save us about $29,000 per year with a payback on the system in eighteen months…It is not often that you can help the environment, improve service to our guests and make a good investment at the same time…."

Richard C. Cleaver
Director of Engineering


Lebanon, Tennessee

"I am writing you to express our complete satisfaction with the IndustrOzone Laundry System. I must say, I was a bit skeptical of a program such as this, but due to the high cost of labor and utilities I was willing to try a different method or system in my laundry.

The investment has more than paid off, the savings promised are certainly there as is a longer life for the linen. Based on patient days and utility bills and water used I feel we are saving in excess of $60,000.00 per year.

Dixie Taylor-Huff

Branson, MO

"…Residence Inn Branson… is very pleased in the way the cold water system is very cost effective. From the very first week of operation we saw a significant savings in electric and propane usage. …Drying time has even been cut up to 10 minutes per load…the system is very user friendly…"

Pamela Gass
General Manager


Foley and Loxley, AL

"……At our Foley, Alabama laundry, we had recently purchased additional laundry equipment that doubled our washing and drying capacity. With the IndustrOzone #12000 system our utility costs went up only 5%. We also reduced our work time, especially on weekends, by 50%…In our Loxley, Alabama laundry, the IndustrOzone #6000 system we installed allowed us to remove the six water heaters…..rewash has been reduced to half of pre-ozone day. Now we are able to reclaim 70% of our rewash…I highly recommend your IndustrOzone systems to anyone with laundry problems such as lack of hot water, stain problems, under sized capacity and critical turnaround times…"

Kathy Fleet
Program Director

Norwood, MA

"…we have experienced a noticeable improvement in brightness and fluffiness to our linens…with the elimination of hot water to the laundry room and a total water reductions of 20-30%…we are safe to presume hot water and water savings alone are $400-$500 per month…with the reduction in wash cycles created by the ozone equipment, we now find it necessary to add additional drying capacity…this equates to a reduction of daily time in the laundry process by an estimated 20-30%, which is a tremendous labor savings. Our maintenance crew previously changed the wastewater filters weekly to allow proper water flow, we are now changing the wastewater filters monthly…"

Kevin Casey
General Manager


THE EQUINOX - Since January 1999
Manchester Village, VT

"...prior to installing the IndustrOzone 4000 we had a constant battle between the laundry and the guest rooms over adequate hot water supplies. Our choice was another boiler which would have involved significant construction costs due to space constraints or ozone. We tried ozone and we are glad we did…"

Jim Johnson
Chief Engineer


Orlando, FL

"…the actual figures showed 98% how water savings, 30% water and sewer savings, a 25% faster wash cycle, and improved quality. We estimate our payback to be less than 18 months. Other benefits were a 15% overall faster drying time on sheets (7 minutes) and towels (4 minutes)…and whiter and fluffier towels as the nap of the terrycloth was raised…"

Barry Brackbill
General Manager


COMFORT INN - Since September 1999
Wayland, MA

"…wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the installation of an O-zone machine in the laundry of our Comfort Inn….Your O-zone machine began saving us money the first day of operation. We went from washing all of our linens in hot water to washing them in 100% cold. We were able to reduce the number of rinse cycles per load because the chemicals rinsed out easier. We reduced our chemical usage. We were even able to reduce our dry time! The linen looks great and smells great…"

Herbert W. Staniszewski
Vice President, Operations
KW Companies

Ft Walton Beach, FL

"…We thought our biggest savings was going to be in gas consumption as we have turned our water heater off, but we found our labor cost is where we are saving the most money. We had 154 rooms with 3 people in the laundry. We expanded our resort to 217 rooms and added this ozone system and now we are operating our laundry with only 2 employees…."

Keith Myers
General Manager

"…the laundry doesn't have a heavy chemical smell. It comes out smelling clean and fresh!"

Sally Charland
Head of Laundry


GULF POWER - Since January 2000
Pensacola, FL

"…There are many advantages to the use of ozone in laundering, including; reduced wash times, lower chemical cost, reduced water usage and reduced energy costs to name a few…."

Chris Black
Commercial Energy Consultant


Reports - Independant Energy Consultant Reports for Ozone Laundry Systems.
- Marriott Desert Springs Calculations and Summery Report.
-North Mississippi Medical Center Results.
-CTT Group Textile Division

-Caesar Entertainment Results and Energy Cost Savings.

-North Mississippi Medical Final Report and Performance Results.


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Read Client Testimonials from Ozone Laundry Systems:
It has now been nearly 10 weeks since we began using your ozone system in our tunnel washer. The results and savings we are experiencing can really be summed up in one word, 'awesome.'
Since installing your system, I have turned off steam to our tunnel system for sheets and terry items and the quality has gone up.