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OLS has a recovery program in place that can train your employees with our OLS32 250plus+ Sano3tizer to help in the Laundry Room for Washing Linen & Towels thru a Cold Process as well as Sanitizing, The Extra benefits of Sano3tizer are cleaning rooms, shampooing carpets, mopping floors, clean common area’s and much, much more. There are endless uses…

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Ozone Laundry Systems

Ozone Laundry

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What is Ozone?
Ozone is oxygen (O2) with an extra atom of oxygen attached, thus forming O3. Ozone is formed naturally during a lightning storm. The creation of ozone is nature’s way of purifying the atmosphere, and is what gives clothesline dried linen that ‘‘fresh air’’ smell.

Does Ozone Kill Bugs?
Ozone is an extremely effective sanitizing and disinfecting agent. In fact, ozone kills bacteria faster than chlorine.

How Does Ozone Work?
Ozone carries an electrical and chemical charge in the washing solution, which actually starts to dissolve soil on contact. This process activates the chemicals in cold water instead of using hot water at 140-160 degrees. Sanitizing of your linen is equal to standard laundry procedures.

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Ozone Laundry Systems

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Aiding in reducing the carbon footprint of your business thru utilities, chemical, maximum life of towels, linen & much, much more….we are…

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Ozone Laundry Systems (OLS) Recovery Program

Do you know how much your laundry system operation is costing you?

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OLS will simply show you how much you are spending on your laundry system. (Hot)
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By using our proven method OLS & Blu Solutions you will see results, fewer towels turn into rags. Not all Ozone is created Equal. With our system you are in full control thru a Venturi System. 100% cold water, fewer chemicals, Less Dry Time, Brighter Softer Towels, Linen + Sanitizer

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Ozone Laundry Systems

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Ozone Santizer - Ozone Laundry Systems -Sano3tizer

Ozone Sheet Test - Ozone Laundry Systems -Sano3tizer

Ri'vive Detergent - Ozone Laundry Systems -Sano3tizer


OLS32 250Plus+ Sano3tize System
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  • View Pictures of our Tunnel Washer Projects: Mission Industries, Hawaiian Linen Supply, Marriott, Desert Springs, Caesar Entertainment, North Mississippi Medical Center.
    Ozone is an extremely effective sanitizing and disinfecting agent. In fact, ozone kills bacteria faster than chlorine.


View our OLS Brochures: Ozone Laundry Systems utilize an extra large ozone-resistant water valve to fill your washers. These valves work separately from your existing fill valves, and in most cases will fill your washers in half the normal fill time. This saves you time, which in turn saves you money!